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Are you on Vacation in Lambayeque? The places you have to visit.


Today in Peruvian Sacred & Adventure we tell you, that in the Lambayeque region you can perform different activities since it has a great tourist offer. We tell you some of the most important tourist sites in that region.

The Archaeological Complex of Huaca Rajada and Sipán

It is located 35 km. from the city of Chiclayo. In this archaeological complex are the intact remains of the Lord of Sipán, the most important character of the pre-Columbian Mochica culture.

If you are eager to know more about the history of the ancient inhabitants of this region, the Huaca Rajada Archaeological Complex is the right place for you. There, in addition to observing the remains of this character, you can learn more about the traditional funeral ritual of this ancient culture.

Photo: Huaca Rajada and Sipán

Chaparri Ecological Reserve

If you are a nature lover and you want to see more beautiful landscapes after your visit to the El Espinal Waterfall, you have to visit the Chaparri Ecological Reserve.

This territory belongs to the Muchik Santa Catalina community of Chongoyape. The objective of this reserve is to protect the dry forests of the area and the biodiversity that inhabits there. In this territory you can find endangered species such as the spectacled bear, the guanaco, the white ali pava and the Andean condor.

Photo: Chaparri Ecological Reserve

Monsefú Craft Market

Monsefú is a small town located in Chiclayo. This is recognized because most of its inhabitants are dedicated to the weaving of straw. Thus, it is an excellent place to buy hats, baskets, wallets and saddlebags made of cotton and thread. Likewise, the inhabitants do an enviable job with gold and silver embroidery.

If you are looking for an authentic souvenir of the Lambayeque region, you have to visit this picturesque town full of artisans.

Historic Sanctuary Pomac Forest

The perfect mix between history and nature is found in the Pómc Forest Historic Sanctuary. This dry forest has a great diversity of carobs, birds and mammals in the region. You can also find 20 pre-Inca structures in its territory, such as Huaca Las Ventanas, Huaca La Merced or Huaca Rodillona.

Archaeological Complex of Túcume

A highly recommended place to visit for its peculiarities is the Archaeological Complex of Túcume. This historical vestige dates back to the A.D. 700s.

This place is also known as the Valley of the Pyramids. This name is received because there are 26 pyramids. The ones that stand out the most are the Huaca del Pueblo, La Raya, El Sol and Las Estacas.

Photo: Archaeological Complex of Túcume

Sicán National Museum

This museum is one of the most important in the Lambayeque region. Also known as Casa de la Luna, this museum gathers the investigations that have been carried out for more than two decades in the archaeological site Sicán in 1978.

There you can see the artifacts found in the excavations of the sites of Batán Grande. With this you will be able to know how they lived, the manufacturing processes and the productive work that were carried out centuries ago in the Sicán culture.

El Espinal Waterfall is one of the biggest natural attractions that the Lambayeque region offers. This is located within a major circuit of waterfalls, but it stands out for its beauty. Dare to visit it!

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