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Day of the Pachamama

Tradition continues from the ancient time of the Inca era. Many people have a close bond with our Mother Earth (Pachamama in Quechua), therefore, every August 1st they perform a Pachamama Payment Ceremony. It represents the earth in the broadest sense of the word, that is, the whole nature that provides us with the place and resources we need to live. Pachamama is our Mother Nature and is everywhere, but we can find special places that people consider sacred.

The Incas had the greatest respect for him, it was one of his deities as was the God Inti or Sun. Before a holiday they performed, they used to make a previous ceremony of thanks, it was the time for the earth to eat, drink and smoke. It was time to give her much of what she has given us.

Currently many residents perform this ritual, buy the best products to thank and also to prevent situations that may not be beneficial to us. Among the ingredients we need to make the thanks are: the coca leaf, fetus of some animal (preferably an Andean animal), some coins, lliqlla (typical blanket with Inca motifs), alcoholic beverages (mostly wine or beer), Cigarettes and food.

Everything that exists on our planet, especially in the Andean world has life. From us people to stones, mountains, rivers, plants, trees, etc. Nothing is inert in the Andean world, the stars, the universe, the moon and mainly the Sun have life. When there is a ceremony, regardless of the type, everyone attends. The comuneros dance, eat, drink and celebrate in communion.

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